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Most of us know Libby Dineley as the owner of this fabulous Gallery in Mayfair, but how many of you know that she is an established author with books available from Amazon?




is available from Amazon here

Please do read the splendid reviews commented by some of the readers




There are also copies of her beautiful poem written over the course of a year



A book, I understand from those in the know, is hardly a book if it is without an ISBN and does not exist in the British Library. It becomes more an object.
In March 2003 I decided to write a poem for a year, a year in my life, and I turned it into such an object by means of self publication. If I was doing it now, 2013, I might have just sent it out on the internet, a sort of a blog, but I would not have had the fun of designing it, inside and out, myself. It is 182 pages long, measures 12 by 8 inches and has a photograph fore and aft on the dust jacket. As photography is my profession I would like to have illustrated it even further but it would have been too expensive. As for the poem itself, if it is a poem as some people question that, it meanders along, recording the changes of the season and what is growing in this distant corner of the chalk down land.

I record, not daily, the things that catch my attention, the blood donning session, walking a part of the Pilgrim route, going to Spain, taking out my mother, aged 92. Sometimes it drifts backwards to my rural childhood. I talk of the past, of my grandparents and of my great uncle who shot dead his wife’s Polish lover in the middle of the First World War. Intermixed with my life I recount the letters and journals of the soldiers of the Peninsular War, the material that enabled me to create the military background for Major Wilder and Captain Allington and their soldier servants, the characters from my novel ‘The Death of Lyndon Wilder’ and for a second novel to be published next summer.

It is, you see, a strange mixture. It was also my goodbye to publishing, having no idea at the time that I would, by chance, get a two book deal.

I have a limited number of this work, entitled ‘A Year and a Day’, which, it being quite large, takes up a lot of space in the cupboard. I sell it for £20 per copy. Those who have been so kind as to express enthusiasm for my writing might enjoy it. It may be obtained by post by contacting me at 54, Shepherd Market, London W1J 7QX.

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