MOUSS – ‘Abondance’

dates: 2nd – 8th March 2020
open mon – sat 10- 8pm and Sunday 10-3pm

New and selected Paintings and Dye-Works by French-Burkinabé artist MOUSS.

Mouss (Moustapha Maïga) returns to 54 The Gallery with his third UK exhibition ‘Abondance’ and invites us to enter once more into the deeply evocative realms of his imagination. Skilfully capturing the evolving changes of natural light throughout the day, Mouss brings life and movement to the flat surface of the canvas in carefully applied layers of colour and differing forms that gently emerge or retreat into the composition in a subtle and mesmerising dance. 

Mouss is entirely self-taught. Born in Burkina Faso into a lineage of traditional dyers, he has an innate sense and love for colour, texture and matter and an instinctive appetite for continuous experimentation – always seeking to expand the boundaries of his art. With a background in drawing, wax resist dye-work, screen-printing and sign painting, he works with many different media, techniques and tools. Painting with his fingers, sometimes with both his left and right hand, sometimes holding several paint brushes simultaneously, Mouss works on hand-woven burkinabé cotton, on linen, other cottons and on wood. He works with natural pigments and plant preparations (many of which he has harvested and prepared himself) and mixes his own colour palette and dye-baths. His extremely varied and constantly evolving body of work is entirely composed of unique pieces.

Tel: 07548 353314

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