Nick Williams

Mon 6 – Sun 12 April 2020

An exhibition of paintings by Nick Williams

I was absolutely gutted to have to cancel my exhibition over Easter at 54 the Gallery, but I’ve made a virtual exhibition and I’d be very pleased if you could find a spare 20 mins to check it out below

The paintings are figurative and atmospheric, brightly coloured and highly textured. 

I’ve been working on this painting for several years. It was inspired by a book of the photography of Deborah Turbeville. I wanted to call it ‘Natasha consoles her father after his shock defeat in the annual moustache contest’, but an artist friend has discouraged the idea!

I took a photo of a strange construction in Brighton that was undergoing repairs and eventually turned it into this even stronger construction which I’ve called ‘Seaside Folly’

I was very taken with this photo which I found in the newspaper of a hapless climate change protester being carted off by the constabulary. I wanted to contrast the faceless policemen with the madcap protester. Although I toyed with the idea of calling it ‘Tangled up in blue’ I think I’ve decided upon ‘Police escort’

I have a photograph of my Great grandparents celebrating their Golden Wedding anniversary in a restaurant in Piccadilly in 1927. I have tried to capture it in sepia colours even though the photo is in black and white. I ended up changing most of the people excepting for my Granny and Grandpa who I knew. The empty chair was occupied by an unreasonably tall gentleman who monopolised the painting. He had to be eliminated, unfortunately. Or perhaps he stepped up to take the photo.

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